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the purpose of journalism

'The sole aim of journalism should be service (…) The useful (journals) and the useless must, like good an evil generally, go on together, and man must make his choice' Bapu (Gandhi)

the purpose of photography

´the purpose of photography is to explain man to man and to himself'
Edward Steichen, The Family of Man, 1955

'I recognize no god except that god to be found in the hearts of the dumb millions'
Bapu (Gandhi)

on the practice of photography

1- It begins with “You”
2- Photography is subjective. Be yourself.
3- A photojournalist places one fact after one fact and photography is more subjective than that.
4- If you’re comfortable with yourself, you can accomplish almost anything.
5- Find your niche through commitment, hard work and intelligence.
7- Go back to a place that has visual possibilities.
8- Build up a body of work and a style from this (perseverance).
9- You must act and react. Do your thinking beforehand.
10- Do you have a language yet?
11- Listen to yourself, not to others.
12- It takes years to lose your influences and become yourself.
13- I want to help you MAKE photographs, not TAKE photographs.
14- Persevere through your working years, this will make the diffrence of wether you’re special or
run of the mill.
15- If you want to shoot something, DO IT NOW! Later you might change your mind, or the place
might have changed.
16- Be courageous, not foolish.
17- You need an antenna to feel things, and a bulldog mentality.
Bruce Gilden